"All The Pretty Horses" lyrics - LUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REAL

"All The Pretty Horses"
(Lukas Nelson)

Thinking of forgiveness in the flickering light
Walking through the rain on a winter night
The breathing of the horses shivering in the breeze
The song of love blowing through the trees

Riding on a trail that my father left me
A pathway to heaven 'neath the wandering trees
Riding with a woman, she's the love of my life
And the day may come that I make her my wife

Walking on a trail, I'm walking alone
Trying to find my way back home
The horses are running to the shelter and food
Helps me remember what I get from you

Hold on tight and don't look back
My horse is running, my saddle is slack
Grittin' my teeth to the angry wind
I'm coming back home to you my friend