"Her Name Was Music" lyrics - MACKLEMORE

"Her Name Was Music"

I felt her stare
A timeless glance surpassing infinity with beauty that I could not bare
This woman was rare
Ruminated infatuation with the essence of life encased in the shape of the ever match of the metronome of eternal bliss
These eyes are putting my hands around her hips
Dancing to the sound of two hearts synchronized by a kiss
I could not resist
But to look back and imagine us intertwined soul and mind holy divine love is by but I
Turned away
Becoming entrap I fear with the thought that my heart would be empty until the day that love would serenade
A song that was requested but was never played
A hopeless romantic with dreams of a soulmate that just been slain
So I said
Wanting to turn back had to turn back but the treasure that I Searched for my whole life
Would turn from gold to black
In an instant
My intuition forced me to go the distance
A-hundred-n'-eighty degree turn and hope with me and beauty With love hung from a rope as fate sculpt
Inside my ear
She waves the finger from her lap and silently mouthed the words "come here"
Sweat poured on my face terrified from the daughter fear
And as I walked toward my companion I felt that my destiny was near

I approached my stranger
A modern-day Mary and the manger
A woman who by existing did mankind a favor
She sweet taste of life that death wishes it could savor
If beauty could be bought in the bible
She would be the thing for God's savior
Stood right in front of my face
I stuck my hand out to shake hers
She pushed it away and grabbed my waist in an embrace
It seemed like for hours we were in that pose
My hands explored the flesh of her back exposed by the revealing Dress that she had chose
To wear
We were rhythm I was the kick she was the snare
The feeling of knowing that this is it is so rare
She stroked her fingers through my hair
I felt the moment for what it was worth if I should spend the eternal harmony with my soul in the earth
She had given birth to creation filling my vows with the emotion of love combined with the constellations above I knew that I had found
My lifelong companion and after all those years I was alone
She grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear "let's go home"

We made love
Possessed by the spirits enchant approaching human being Separate entities rejoicing as one
Flesh red
I touched her breasts
As a mother firsts touches her infant
Her body was my canvas and I painted an in-depth picture to distinguish
The feeling of being in-sync with
A companion that would never leave you
She spoke only to say "I need you"
Every push was a pulsation of love's rejuvenation
She was freedom and I was a slave who had touched my whole life with liberation
Souls united under the force-field of trust
The orgasm was everlasting exceeding the depths of passion past the earth's crust
I had licked the juice from the sweetest nectar she returned the favor swallowing my soul the feeling that would last forever I remember
We held each other
Our bodies fit together like a missing piece of a puzzle
Our minds were one organism
She got up to leave
"Hey yo wait I never asked you your name"
She turned around looked into my soul
And silently whispered "Music"
Her name was Music!