"Lifetimes" lyrics - MACKLEMORE


[Intro: Kelly Montague]
There's a light inside for you to hold onto

[Verse 1: Macklemore]
My artwork is a collection of my life through the perception of the First person
Dimension the pen is an extension of my life
A reciprocal relationship one that never stops giving
But I am giving my soul and dedicating my spirit to the realm of [?] With all the [?] philosophies
And positivity will keep ca-tastrophes
And [?] or in actuality my strategy
Is for all to hear and see but in reality the earth
Shakes and quakes and Ima say it [?]
My words the world rotates and we as humans physically
Migrate or die
And I must [?] that can occur I have a message
And thought of my words and my things becoming [?]
With the potential of the power that I posses
The words of meaning bare witness to an inspiration of progress And if any audience or individual is affected by my music
Then my service is of purpose and I will continue with my Movement
Experience of poetry has it's [?]
Rhythmic revolution is fueled by injustice globally
So I act locally and to my surrounding and history
Preaching peace to each who seek to [?]
Inner outer aura internally externally creates energy
Seeking to find oneself as a conversation with self you must Discuss
For the potentially possessed is within us all
The question is do you make your energy a minus or a plus

[Chorus: Kelly Montague]
It's only, only, only lifetimes
It's only, only, only lifetimes
It's only, only, only lifetimes

[Verse 2: Macklemore]
When I speak of us it is all who [?] time into distraction
[?] and we as us must discuss taking action
Making Babylon into fact forming one community
Of revolution of thinkers putting meaning into the word unity
Over kicks and snares the beat meets and greets the discussion
The time [?] were doing nothing
And everything is something but society lowered the expectations Put restrictions on dreams and installed false limitations