"Interlude 2 (Open Your Eyes)" lyrics - MACKLEMORE

"Interlude 2 (Open Your Eyes)"

[Interlude 2]
People tend to believe
On the basis of outside authority
Now in no way
In the science of mind do we ask you to assume any bidding
On the basis of outside authority
We ask you to think for yourself, to turn within
To experiment with the principles
And see
That they are demonstrable
They work, these writings, the scriptures, the sacred literature
A great [?]
Which is a source of an interior power by which to live
This is where it ties in with the faith
Because without the mystical element in any religion
The religion is sterile
It has no dy-dynamism
It isn't going anywhere, it isn't going to do anything for you
Because it's all, you're on a head trip
(You're on a head trip)
(You're on a head trip)
(You're on a head trip)
There are definite [?] we need to teach you
That make you live more comfortably in yourself
And with other people
Both in regard to the physical laws of nature
And to the psychological aspects of man
None of this scientific evidence means anything
And the breakthroughs and knowledge
Will still lead the West spiritually bankrupt
If we continue on our negativistic course
Today's answer, of course, rests in learning to effectively meditate
Coming to know the real purpose of life
To return to man's victorious spirit
Kingdom of heaven that is within (within, within, within, within)