"Blue Ruin" lyrics - MANDOLIN ORANGE

"Blue Ruin"
(Andrew Marlin)

One morning after drinking
Heavy in the night
Every inch of my poor bones seemed to ache and moan in wait
'Cause all our troubles come tomorrow
We'll be gone and then it's on to Christmas Day

If Jesus had been born
Just eleven days before
Would the world have stopped to see
At least those on the street
Headed for Newtown
And of all those on their way
Could the miracle have made
One lay his guns down?

[Instrumental Chorus]

That trigger stole his mind
How am I to blame
I bet you never even aimed at one
There's too many people killing people
To put an end to evil
What can be done?

Well for now who'd like to tell me
On that morning when 27 fell
How any lesson in counting
Could ever, ever amount to watching them fall
And why worst of all
Come Christmas morning
They'll still be gone

[Instrumental Chorus]

One morning after drinking
Heavy in the night
I stopped to take a look at the crook that stole this holiday
Well this Christmas
My only wish is
We put these guns away