"Daylight" lyrics - MANDOLIN ORANGE

(Andrew Marlin)

Daylight had spoken
So clear and so plain
I'm the keeper of nothing
But an old flame
Consuming the shadows
Caught in the light
Blinded by hunger
And fed to the night

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Darling, you came to me like a dream in this endless blight

[Instrumental Chorus]

My heart was reaching
So tangled, entwined
Like vines in the willow
Serpentine killer, bound by his climbs
Glory was calling
She wailed and she whined
Higher and higher
"Leave it all behind"

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
Darling, you came to me in the glory I'd longed to find

[Instrumental Chorus]

My search was unending
And my soul was bare
And Darling, you came to me like a midnight flare
Out of the ocean
The stars had all gone
My heart was broken
Lost and alone

Darling, you came to me like a beacon, leading me home

[Instrumental Outro]