"That Wrecking Ball" lyrics - MANDOLIN ORANGE

"That Wrecking Ball"
(Andrew Marlin)

I've taken to leaning these past few days
A little too heavy on my walking cane
'Cause I'm afraid she's swinging my way
That wrecking ball

Now with all my ducks in a row
With one pull I could let them go
Not to lose, just to show
I could catch them all
But every man bears a burden
His own beast by the horns
That he hides from the world
When he's young and strong
Looking over his shoulders
Half tattered and torn
Still standing tall

[Chorus 2:]
But every year rolls on like a runaway train
Every beast grows stronger as the pendulum swings
To and fro, and on she goes
That wrecking ball

I've just seen that rock of ages
I've just held my savior's hand
We danced on the water
With my head on her shoulders
She swore to never let me fall

[Chorus 3:]
And wouldn't time seem so kindly
If every bright eyed girl could be more like you
And shelter me me
From that wrecking ball
That wrecking ball