"Big Dreams" lyrics - MEEK MILL

"Big Dreams"

You ever watch a dream manifest?
It's nothing like it
Dc 2

If you ain't got a dream, you ain't got nothing
A lot of niggas changed on me when I got money
Said it came with the game, and this what I wanted
So I'ma hustle like the first time I got fronted
For the love of the green and the love of the team
Put together a circle that couldn't come in between
Went from lint in my pockets to using money machines
I got my city back popping and they don't want me to leave
No they don't want me to leave
But I gotta go and get it though
Time is money and I'm on a mission though
Papa gotta eat, niggas shooting right around my mama way
Cops run in my sister crib, I swear I gotta find a way
Tryna touch a million dollars and I'm like a dime away
Never ask a nigga for a handout, I would grind away
Write my little raps, smoke my little weed
Sold a little crack just to fund my little needs
I was sixteen getting on my little knees
Asking the lord please help me get a little cheese
It was hard out, [same time it was hot out?]
In the jungle where niggas will rip your heart out
Cold summers where niggas'll probably starve out
Wanna be a kingpin from watching niggas ball out
Couldn't blame us, they was tryna chain us
But we was tryna fix the roof leak when it was raining
We was tryna keep the house warm when winter came in
But they rather detain us, locked us in cells, restrained us
The razors, animals go in cages
That's what the slave masters told the workers when they slaved us

Small city, big dreams
I been waiting on this day since I was sixteen
Since I was sixteen
I been waiting on this day since I was sixteen

Rock man told us "Sun don't shine"
You know if his daddy hustling then his son gon' grind
His father was locked up, now his son doing time
When certain niggas get to starving, know that gun gon' shine
Two felonies on is record, he got one more time
Get a ad, picture that, he don't want no job
Lost hope, some niggas don't even want no God
They just want a little money just to come through fly
'Cause nobody never listens to the broke nigga
'Cause when you broke, you considered as a joke nigga
If you a joke, you considered as a ho nigga
And no nigga wanna live life living poor nigga
Small city, big dreams
I been waiting for this day since I was sixteen
Selling white girl, I'm talking Christine
Young boy with dreams of touching that big screen