"Racked Up Shawty" lyrics - MEEK MILL

"Racked Up Shawty"
feat. Fabolous & French Montana

It's MMG
All my niggas strapped up and racked out
It's a lifestyle nigga

Racked up shawty, racked up shawty
All these bitches call me racked up shawty
Racked up shawty, racked up shawty
And all these bitches call me racked up shawty

Racks all on my wrist, racks all on my neck
I spend racks all on my bitch, look at these racks all on my check
Nigga I'm racked up and I'm racked out, fuck a bitch till she tap out
Fuck a bitch then I pass out, and my pockets on J. Stackhouse
'Cause I ball hard, I'm swagged out, all black, Maybach south
Y'all niggas just speak shit and I live shit that I rap 'bout
'Cause these racks came from my crack house, dirty money like Diddy
Hammers niggas ain't ever seen, got 30 off in that 50
Now tell them hoes that I'm busy, tell them hoes that I'm ballin'
I done fucking ain't answered once now why does ho keep callin'?
Y'all niggas be fraudin', acting like y'all got it
That shit you call your stash nigga that's racks off of my pocket

My shoes cost me a rack (nice), my outfit off the rack (nice)
My presidential Rollie, I'm calling that Barack (shit)
Damn I meant Barrack (shit), too much Ciroc (shit)
Won't catch me in that passenger, and that's word to Pac (damn)
That's word to B.I.G. (damn), rest in peace to the legends (yeah)
We kill niggas for acting, rest in peace to them legends (yeah)
Catch me in that Aston, I'm "wassup?" fuck asking
They talk behind my bitch's back, they must've seen her ass then
From H town like the Astros, scorecard her ass 10
Pop pills no Aspirin, like a ski slope in Aspen
It's going down, going down, no I brought my ski racks
Niggas know my flow cold so I don't ride I ski tracks

Racked up I'm racked out, black Ferrari blacked out
Black Friday black mac, popping spades black jack
Bitch I'm hotter than fish grease, made 250 this week
Baddest bitch, all in her, balling bitch Sportscenter
Ass fat can't sit straight, ballin like Griff Blake
Chain blue or white Penn State, touring off a mixtape
Racked up shawty, chain 'bout 40
Came in with one bitch, left out with four
Shout my homie Meek Mill, shout my homie Fabo
Know the crib a couple mill', and I ain't trynna brag ho
That Coke Boy, that Maybach, that Bad Boy gotta stay strapped
That Ghost, fuck that Maybach, baddest hoes say that's that