"Dreamchasers 2 Outro" lyrics - MEEK MILL

"Dreamchasers 2 Outro"

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I just call my homie and he say he got a lick
He said he know a pussy nigga with a hundred bricks
So we gon' ride up on em, slide up on em with them sticks
Finna pop up at his crib like a fuckin' magic trick
Hocus-Pocus, to the safe like you ace nigga open focus
But this ain't Calvin niggas, ridin' like a locomotive
Where the cash at? Show me where your stash at
Before I let the 40 air ya out and leave that ass flat
Pussy ass niggas man it's tax season
Make a move and this muthafuckin mac squeezin'
Act decent, bet them hollows leave your back leakin'
Niggas searchin' for the coca like we crack feignin'
I gotta hundred killas on my team
Young niggas gettin' greasier than Vaseline
Had a dream, I'mma chase it with this Mac machine
Put a nigga on the cover of a magazine
Home invasion, news paper got a man down
Hold this nigga legs, I'mma tie his hands down
Let em taste it, just to know we ain't playin' round
He ain't gotta get up on your knees, nigga head down
Blocka! You fuckin' with a shotta
I'm bangin' 2Pac, "My Ambitionz As A Ridah"
I got the oo-wop. tryna' get it for my momma
And we gon flush everything if them boys get behind us
'Cause we ain't comin' home, I'm in another zone
Ridin' with my dogs, we just want another bone
I got another lick, so I got another chrome
I ain't gettin' to the money, nigga, then there's something wrong

[Outro: DJ Drama]
You see, dreamchasin' is an occupation
That's an exclusive membership
Such as: Rozay, Khaled, Karen Civil, Lou Will, Joey I.E.
I mean, of course, I'm a member
It's never too late to join
Please! Submit an application any day
Remember the last one?
I told you, it starts with a thought
Whatever happens after that is up to you
Dreams and Nightmares up next!
Quality... Street... Music!
And like that... We gone!