"Drunk As Shit" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Drunk As Shit"

I know you can't understand my words
I bet you wish I had left
I walk and fumble but I'm still causing trouble
Because I'm drunk as shit Sorry that I pissed on your couch
Sometimes shit gets out of control
The last thing that I remember
Was something kinda clever
Like calling you and asshole
Now do me a favor
And get the last one out of the freezer
The sun is up
Still drunk
Talking shit don't give a fuck
Raid the fridge
Ate your food
Party like a total dude
People say I will regret it when I get my hangover
I'd regret it even more if spend the night sober
At war with earth
Nothing I fear
Weed, speed metal, liquor and beer!
DRUNK AS SHIT! (repeat with all your friends)