"Mutants Of War" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Mutants Of War"

The walls are closing in
Fueled wit hate it strikes again
Structures are falling to the ground
Shattered hope lies in the rubble and the smoke
As were spreading death and carnage across the town
BEWARE! here comes the pain
Metal slicing through your brain
A figure stands atop a pile of corpses with an evil smile
Asphalt slick with slime and blood
This toxic warriors day has come
Bringing death and carnage with his soldiers running wild
Now is the time we settle the score
We are the mutants - THE MUTANTS OF WAR!
Brought forth from rusty barrels that the government set aside
A virus quickly spreading reaping carnage nation wide
Wasting the land - MUTANT WAR!
Death is at hand - MUTANT WAR!
Melting your face - MUTANT WAR!
Tasting the waste
Across the barren land
Burning flesh as corpses spoil
No one in this world is fucking spared
We came to thrash and kill
Slimig victims at our will
Nothing can stop your worst nightmare!