"Too Mixed Up" lyrics - NOFX

"Too Mixed Up"

Have you ever noticed things grow sour?
Just when it was getting good, new bands every hour
Then you have to go and call it dead
And ruin it for everyone who just began to bend

I won't let you say what's right and wrong
I won't let you tell me when it's done
I don't care if you were the first one
I'm not going to let you spoil my fun

Just because you said it first doesn't give you the last word
You were screaming then and everybody heard
Everybody, everybody
Now you just moan, the energy is gone
Just when it was getting good
What went wrong?

Now I can see something has changed
You no longer speak for us like in your "days"
From nothing to fame and back in your time
Makes me wonder what's on your mind

Now I can see you're no different from me
Same confusing thoughts that get you all mixed up

Fun is fun, but what has changed?
"Nothing" is what I'm trying to say
Fun is fun is fun is fun is fun is fun is fun is fun
And we don't need anyone to show us how it's done

I'm not going to live by rules
I will never be your fool
Because I know I've got to try
To make my mark before I die