"Children Of The Sand" lyrics - ONSLAUGHT

"Children Of The Sand"

Hostile territory
In a kingdom where the sun don't shine
Cleansed of autonomy
Disciples bringing death divine
Scourge of the military
Defenders of the holy ground
Blind ideology
The desert veils the serpents crown

Born in hatred
Born to pray
Fear conditioned to obey
Serve the master
Charge in hand
Desecrate your god forsaken land

God send the children of the sand
Self detonating
God send the children of the damned
The sacrificial lambs

War for supremacy
Insurgents in a global rebirth
Waves of atrocity
A multi-national hell on earth
Bloodline philosophy
Indoctrinating twisted minds
Schooled in extremity
Inherent through the sands of time


God sent the plague of locusts
God sent the hate disease
God sent the dark september
God sent the world of enemies