"Fuel For My Fire" lyrics - ONSLAUGHT

"Fuel For My Fire"

Look into my eyes if you wanna see
The meaning of hate
Everything I own comes from
Blood sweat toil and faith
You took a free ride to a place
Where I drew the line
Where the ladder leads down
To the depths of your self decline

You got left behind

You are the fuel for my fire
You are the fuel - I'm gonna make you burn
You are the fuel for my fire
You are the fuel
The fuel for my fire

Counting down the days where you're gonna feel
The forec of my wrath
Falling from state you will shatter
Like an empty glass
Justify the lies as your world
Falls apart at the seams
Like a monkey on my back
You should never seek another mans dreams

Out of mind
You got left behind


There's nowhere to run there's nowhere to hide
The anger is fuel for the hatred inside
Fire - Keeper of the flame suffocating your disdain
Fire - Everywhere you turn raging as the final bridges burn