"Cruci-Fiction" lyrics - ONSLAUGHT


You preach your tales of woe
And prophecies of old
You spill your words of hate
The truth is far from told
You are the broken man
Forever redesigned
Behold the king of kings
Deceit becomes your shrine

Deep in your christ addiction
You breed undying faith
A life of contradiction
Will see you fall from grace
YOur pain is self infliction
The mighty cross you bare
Divine in your conviction
Behind a veil of prayer

Water turned to wine
Healer to the blind
Saviour of mankind
Its cruci-fiction
Jesus thrice denied
Nailed and purified
Seek and you shall find
Its cruci-fiction

Beyond the realm of death
And Human sacrifice
Where lies the chosen one
Self righteous paradise
2000 Years and twelve
Hypocrisy remains
Who is this ghost you slave
Hollow be thy name

Deny the resurrection
Reject the hand of god
Be cleansed by your confession
Sing evolutions song
Religious misconceptions
Based on a book of lies
Evoking mass deception
The word is crucified


You pray for life
You plead for death
You bleed forgiveness
Til your final breath
You pray for sin
You plead for war
Your blood forsaken
By the hands you reached out for



Deny the resurrection
Deny your christ addiction