"Devil's Road" lyrics - OUTLAWS

"Devil's Road"

Goodbye sweet world
Leave you on your own
Going to cross the border
See you when I'm home
I'm checking all my engines
Gonna tune'em up just right
Tonight I'll be runnin' hard
The Devil's Road tonight
It's so hard to find
I'll find the reason
To love you one more time
Flyin' into the darkness
Find the morning light
Won't be home tonight

Going down the Devil's Road
And He's not too far behind
Carrying such a heavy load
It's bringing down my mind
Oh, when I look into those eyes
Oh, seems like magic in the sky
No, it's like I'm going down
That narrow road one more time

Going down the Devil's Road
Is right for me
Terrorified, a place to hide
'Cause He'll never set you free
Oh, when I fly into the night
Oh, trying to catch
The morning light
No, trying to run that narrow road
One more time

Going down that road