"White Horses" lyrics - OUTLAWS

"White Horses"

We'll ride white horses
Riding through the sky
Chasing the orange moon
Riders of the range
I've seen so much before
Think I'd like to go
And ride the horses with you

Take the midnight stallion
Ride the source of life
Follow the midnight sun
Won't you serenade me

Well I've seen so much before
Please the need is here
Won't you sing to me
Put your fancy boots on
Head up to the stage
It's like the band to help you
With your serenade
Perhaps it will flow and I want
Well I want to be
Where I want to be

Ride with me
Ride across the desert
To the deep blue sea
The desert sun is hot
The ocean comforts me
Sweet life tonight
Everything else is right
I've got to be
Where I've got to be

We'll ride white horses