"Wishing Wells" lyrics - OUTLAWS

"Wishing Wells"

Funny daydreams
And scary night things
Always something that you do
Just won't be right
Would you know what to do
If all your dreams came true

Don't you worry now
Never did before
The only difference is
You're not really sure
All you got to do is
Tell her what they want to hear

Wishing wells and fairy tales
They are your dreams come true
Wishing wells and fairy tales
Lovers are one we woo

Lazy afternoons
Spring is something new
Watch the rain fall
Then wash your blues away
When you're in no pain
That's when rain
Did it's true thing

All the colors bright
Paints a different light
The only difference is
The sun is shining brighter now
As if to say
Trying to tell you
It's another day


Funny daydreams
Scary night things
On the wings of a snow white dove They sing
These old fairy tales
Your own wishing wells

[Chorus 2x]