"Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues)" lyrics - OVERKILL

"Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues)"

Strangled in this knot of sin
He returns, again begins
Again to bend and tear the will
A witness to this Overkill!

Awaken! Awaken in me
Through my eyes! Through my eyes, you will see
What is real, what is to be
All the madness, madness in me...

You taste the blood that I long for
Regain my strength and complete my chore...!

Like a serpent poised to strike
Like the moon... that fills the night
You, the question; "Answer," they cried
You've always been destined to ride

Passion rests in an empty will
The nightmare continues

Into the night!
A rider goes, then disappears
Out of the light
He reappears again
One eye does follow you
To kill again!
And again!

Slow and sure, a beating heart
Is sure to have, the killing starts
The beating stops, fin de la vie
Overkill rides again!

A killer like no man
A faster death by one's own hand
Safety comes, when the wind is still
This, the legend, Overkill!