"Powersurge" lyrics - OVERKILL


Leave... don't try
They die to get inside
A falling-out between you and your pride
No... don't go
There's something you should know
This blinding light can tear apart your soul
Shattered dreams
Are not all that they seem
The light can change from white to blue to green
Left to right
There's power in the night
And the power surge
Driven by the light!

Power! Building up
Power! All around you
Power! You feel it
Power! A power surge!

Stay away
There's something I must say
This light reduces all that's in its way
In the dark
Ignited by a spark
A fire burnsa fire makes its mark!
See the flash
A mountain turns to ash
Recollection, echoes of the past
Right to left
Power's what you get
And the power surge
Isn't over yet!

Power! Building up
Power! It's coming back
Power! Feel it
Power! Power surge!

Coming out of the sun
There are battles to be won
Colors change from blue to red
Forgotten heroes; piles of dead
A mass of steel down in flame
Power surge remains the same
Commandeer turns to dust
The mass of steel begins to rust...

Power! Building up
Power! Coming back
Power! In the air!
Power! A power surge!