"Wrecking Crew" lyrics - OVERKILL

"Wrecking Crew"

Ain't no job too big or small
Just one sweep of the wreckin' ball
Put 'em up, we'll knock 'em down
Or knock 'em up, then leave town
Demolition of the mind
Desolation, left behind
Light the fuse, dynamite
Light the sky in the night

We will walk
All over you
'Cause we are
The wreckin', wreckin' crew
We are the wreckin' crew

Wreckin' crew
We are the wreckin' crew

Destruction is a way of life
Destruction, mayhem, havoc, strife
Crack a smile, hear the sound
Watch 'em crumble to the ground

Innocence ain't no excuse
Slip your neck inside the noose
Pay in blood I demand
The wreckin' crew is outta hand

We'll wreck your neck
Wreckin' crew
Get wrecked

Turn to ashes, turn to dust
We're the ones that you can trust
Evil smile, wicked grin
Tear it down, begin to sin

Think that you will end it all
There's no one left to ball or call
When there ain't nothin' left to do
Call upon the wreckin' crew

We'll wreck your neck
Wreckin' crew
Yer wreck
Ah! Wreckin' crew
Wreck! Wreck!