"Kross Roads" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"Kross Roads"

Paint a perfect picture, try to imagine soild a rock on fashion
It's love affair that you and I share, yeah, see I know that I'm
In there
Wheather with my crew or if I'm all alone
Be there home just lougin' on the telephone
Calls us if you like of what I feel is deep inside (say what) check it you see I'm from the Northside


Now don't misunderstand get plaese to meet elaborate
On this situtation from the very first day I could'nt wait to
Introduce into my set, but better yet do you remember how we met? Looking at Rob when you was walking up the av
You seen sad that the God could you laugh
A chuck chuck chuckle I read your name buckle
It said "Shh". So I said "What!"
Excuse me miss, see your very inviting
So let me show you this and I.N.I. and lighting
See love is so revealing, find you quite appealing
Lost because yo I can't define feelings that I'm feeling
(Yo cousin trap up in the ravender)
But see honey dip I flip the flavor that you capture
Has me fallen in deeper but I can't control the tide (why?)
You see your from the Southside

[Pete Rock] (Chorus [over *echoing* KrossRoads])
From the South, to the West, to the East, to North
This is for the ladies that admire to break you off
We on the KrossRoads non-stop for the wisdom
This is for the line I'm a give em' yeah

Push the enstance where my perdictament, so amince
I got tried of droppin hints
The jets the intense with all the bullshit and nonsense
But fuck it bust the main event (tell them)
Just because your from the Southside I'm from the North
The kids around your way act soft
And I bet, to set up for wreck, any time that they surpect, I'm comin' around the Propect Projects
Now I'm cool with some others but basically the brothers in your building
They all seem to have the same feeling and the celler
I come around your way and I feel liked I'm welcome and sometimes I just won't come
You get fuss at me, I get fuss at you we start wildin'
To the point wanna throw my towel in
Based on the fact that you still don't understand...that I'm from the Northside

KrossRoads [echoing]

Paint a perfect picture, try to imagine soild a rock on fashion
Was a love affair that you and I share, yeah, see I thought I was in there
But I took the time to alanyze the skit
Finally have the dip on this thing called "Our Relationship" it was'nt happining word to the mother
I found love lost love, I guess I'll find another
So being that your ex-boyfriend was a drug dealer, shouldn't felt the way that I feel
But it does gives me a cule to where your head was (I was hurt)
But better days are ahead 'cause I tried and I tried and work and work
But P.R. on the beat you know we can't get jerked
Fallen in deeper but I can't control the tide (can't do it)
You see your from the Southside