"Mind Over Matter" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"Mind Over Matter"

"I-I 'N' I 'mit to verify" - C.L. Smooth
"On the mic and bike, on the mic and bike" - Biz Markie [4x]

[Grap Luva]
Pay attention 'cause my focus is not that of a clown
I gets down for mine when I (?) you with my rhymes
It's like that in the years of the 9
I.N.I. comes though with the rhyme divine
What you gonna do? Who you gonna tell one son, you can't run you got to stay and listen
'Cuz the the mission is this to be hittin em' with the real flavor all the time yes indeed I'm (the G to the R-A-P four sqaure freestlye specialist) Poppin the mic
But can't you see that I'm rockin the mic
Shocking MC's because they don't know how to write
Comin' clear and precise with the rhyme device
Mathematics manafist so chill don't test there no stress
We do this on the reg you know the time
Speaking to people that matter with my mind


From tall tenaments streets suspense loss innocence check the events it's all evidence
That this life is intense with all the bullshit and nonsense
And kids predictaments got me convince
When your pockets is bent, you can't accomplished nothing brothers is frontin and y'all bicthes do is want somthing
I think it's time to get this microphone line to get known for mine making my own sunshine
Aw yeah living life without a care
Go for dope rhyme sayer to major player
But aviod inner scene 'cause it's the seedfull
Paraiod ed the cream but I needed to feed my peoples. Rob-O at the top of the list, you thought I'm fallin' but back the hell up Im still ballin'
Since I rather watch a confidence shatter
While my pockets gettin fatter
Puttin' Mind Over Matter like that


[Ras Luv]
Is imperial masjesty I'm coming in clearly
Stay preaching to my peoples so we must hear we
I kept verses on stash since elementary
Revelations occured so I became a Nazi a New Age
Seeing the +I+ on stage giving microphone checks and then it's time to engage
To turn the page just to see a darker shade
Of African ways being displayed
I made a grade when I cut the fade
And now MC's is my trade I use to get the bills paid
So yo save your shade and your thoughts of misbehave 'cause these are the last fucking days
So like Ace Duce Tre you pay when I scoop up
Another beat move up while the rhymth erupts
So I give em' the funk which is the chord to the batter
Rhymes over beats = the Mind Over Matter


"Hot non-stop on how I hip hop on the mic and bike, on the mic and bike"- Biz Markie (Repeat until fade)