"What You Say" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"What You Say"
(Peter Phillips)

On peut vous juger par vos paroles
Alors, faites attention a vos paroles, mon frere
(...) 1995 est ici et c'est notre annee
Alors, nous avancons avec la foi de Dieu
INI live

[Grap Luva]
Dig it
Every day of my life I bear witness to the power of words
And what they do to the many and the few
I'm speaking thoughts with the mind and the mouth open
Keeping my people on point, plus I'm hopin
That my word sound power will devour the fools
For they know not the hour the Most High rules
I got an aura created by words of praise
Original G, watch I as I amaze
All my pupils, when I speak I have scruples
Treat my mind like a holy tabernacle
No one can attack and steal my thoughts
Therefore the words I say are the lessons I brought
Into the cipher, words now possess value
If you wanna know the real then let me tell you
You're responsible for what you say
Because the words you speak can truly 'cause dismay

(So what you say) a PMD

[Ras Luv]
The Most High he stands for real
That's why I.N.I. comes across with mass appeal
So now sign your deal, it's all packed and sealed
To get it shipped and sold
And now you're reaching for your goal
But nowadays every loop has got its hole to filled
You have to break a mil just to pay your bill
So with quick skill I build an empire
And then retire all those that expire
'Cause what you say, it reflects how you live every day
And even when the sky is grey I maintain hope to pray
For existence, alleviate some resistance
The father's birth was evidence and proof
So I must teach the truth to my newborn youth
To keep it going on so that thought will stay strong
And be embedded so we never can forget it
Man, all you devils stay back 'cause your attempt is pathetic

(So what you say)

Rob prefers the subtle approach
But the flow allows the I to construct a antidote like a coach
And just last year I was doing shows for (?)
And now I'm talkin 'bout facing the Gods with no fear
And since here's still a controversy and pains
Got me spendin time anointin all my (?) slain
Must refrain and do things my people's way
'Cause what you say equals the price you'll pay
But the strife you spray with your double-tongue dealing
Following these crowds, mass appealing, way of feeling
Feel your concealing can last for (?)
You either sink or survive is what I think, I'm Rob Cipher
Master crafter, elevation's what I'm after
Yeah, I'm stressing the texts in all my chapters
I got an answer for my thoughts one day
Don't wanna get caught in what you say

Ecoutez bien pour ce tempo la
Et c'est bon paroles
Car nous, I.N.I., n'a pas de temps de faire la musique commerciale
Peace and love...
And I'm out