"Back To The Rap" lyrics - PMD

"Back To The Rap"
(Parrish Smith)

So let's get it on - like Marvin Gaye; hey
Is that that nigga, from "You a Customer"? You're fuckin A
Is for apple, J's for jack, black
B is for bozack, and N is for the nutsack
(What's J for?) The J's for juggle these, please
PMD bust rhymes like niggas bust z's
With zero, 'cause that's the channel I be watchin
Niggas clockin, no time for stoppin so I keep rockin
Big up to the hip-hop, be-bop heads bop
Non-stop up the block systems knock
Girlies jock, I'm locked in funk mode
Peace to my pops; 'cause it's

[Hook 2x]
Back to the rapper makin hands clap
(Respect hip-hop and the fans black)

Scandalous; Swiss Miss still funky shit
Uhh - slow down baby, can't handle it
The way you're movin your thing, you got it goin on
Time to pop the Sean Dom
Take a swig of it - yeah drink it like a forty-oh
No champagne glasses, that's out the window
Push up and get my swerve on, take me there baby
Aww shit, PMD's gone
(Where you goin P?) Deeper and deeper
My mind's gettin stronger, she got me in the sleeper
Almost there, relax, just like I figured
Strapped down, still on the lookout for the gold digger
Blazin figure, sexy like Holly
Hoes blunts and puff the ganja like Bob Marley
She's hardcore, ridin' like an outlaw
Workin it, pullin' with the lockjaw

[Hook 2x]

I'm in the war zone - far away from home, no microphone
Just biters and tombstones on the real, holmes
It's do or die, no fly guy, don't ask why
Rap is outta control, don't bungee jump or hangglide
Time to slip (slide) so save the lie
Hit Squad won't die, them niggas multiply
On the scene blowin up, sure enough
Wild haircut, what? Don't give a fuck
This is me, peace to EPMD
Took a break in '93 now I'm back see

[Hook 4x]