"I Saw It Cummin'" lyrics - PMD

"I Saw It Cummin'"

Check Check It Out Check it Out
Check Check It Out Check it Out
PMD's in tha house
Check Check It Out Check it Out
Hit Squad In the house
Check Check It Out Check it Out
Word Em' up, Blackzone, Hitsquad

Grab ya head nigga, start bobbin it
The underground's bein' shook down, PMD's robbin it
So crack the old gold, yeah, and spark the Phillie blunts
I'm chumpin niggas down takin minds on a manhunt
(Quote unquote kid), don't get caught up in the gunsmoke
It's rap huntin' season, and I'm blastin niggas who showboat
With that pretty-boy R&B rap, back with a hiphop track - say that, Nause thats whack, and niggas ain't trying to hear that
Can't get sidetracked, so bust the impact
To get the bozack, and mind yo beeswax
Still in the game but somethin' changed

Went solo on that ass, but it's still the same
(I saw it cummin, thats why I went solo)

What's this - another funky hit from the squad kid?
No time for comebacks black, time to run shit
So pass that microphone, plug it into the soundboard
Scratch cuts the wax, chop it like a chainsaw
So who's callin my name?
Been doin' this since 87' 'cause this is my thing
Can't forget Jane haircut, like Anita Baker
Never seen no one faker, to make the mistake to
Try to push up on a brother, who brainstorms
You know I'm psycho, crazy, like that man Nor-man Bates
Wait, excuse me but it's the ism
That makes me hesitate, no time to translate
Gotta go kid, time to motivate
Back to the blackzone, 'cause it's no thing


What's up with all these corny niggas
Makin faces on my TV screen
Can't shoot this tube, 'cause if I do it makes 19
No time for the crime scene
Grab my Bozack, and my mic, time to beam
Back to the underground, home of beat-downs
Drop some ill shit like this, for the niggas to leave round town
Hardcore, hittin' switches In the '64
3-wheel motion, or the Benz with the 4-door
Troopin past the local spot
Niggas wanna act up, and Niggas catch the speedknot
Not trying to promote viloence But thats the way it is
The code of the ghetto ain't got shit to do with showbiz
Remember that
Yeah, still bustin' brains, yeah


Hit squad in the house, PMD records in effect
24-hour representin'
Went solo on that ass but it's still the same
Big shout-out to KRS-one
Went solo on that ass but it's still the same