"Swing Your Own Thing" lyrics - PMD

"Swing Your Own Thing"
(Parrish Smith)

Word 'em up, check it out
PMD's in the house
Nine-four, you know the flavor..
Mmm, funk mode
Word 'em up

So whattup whattup? Yeah it's time to get down
You ready to chill, so turn up the sounds
Whether it's in your Walkman - or your stereo I hope you hear me though
Bobbin that head, jammin to the radio
'Cause they're playin your song
The weekend's here, party's on - payday HEY
Big up to the DJ's who spinnin the jams
Mix shows on Friday - kick it
It's Saturday's, it's hip-hop
Brothers choppin on the one and two
Non-stop.. the violence, and gun shootin
It's time to unite; no time for losin
Or takin steps backwards - that's not the way
Leave the stress at the office, it'll be there Monday
But for now it's your time
Time to regroup, get a piece of mind..
.. and disconnect from the madness, called time-out
Take it from the PMD on the rap route
The golden voice, word biz
Live and direct - OOP, there it is, time to..

[Hook 4x]
Swing your own thing
Swing your own thing
Swing your own thing
Swing your own thing

Well guess who? Step aside, it's the Squad crew
Airtight, you know the evil that men do
Back for more.. in nine-four
Format's hardcore, steppin through like Gigantor
Who is he? PMD
Set for funk mode, it's time to party
Oh yeah back in there, throw your hands up in the air
Wave em side to side, like you just don't care
So fellas yell HOE, and ladies scream OW
Don't dwell in the past, live for now
Back on the prowl, thick eyebrows, style's wild
Grab the head, and just..

[Hook 4x]

So if you're feelin good - let me hear you say real good
Whether you washin your car, cruisin through the neighborhood
Or playin basketball - dunkin on brothers
Coolin witcha sis, respectin your mother
That's the way it should be - family
Not mass hysteria, stress, or poverty
Four hundred years, we almost there
Just look at the TV, we everywhere
Sports lawyers doctors - music
Everyone has a brain - it's time to use it
So grab that head - prepare for the future
'Cause that's the only way out
Swayze; gotta..

[Hook 8x]