"It's The Ones" lyrics - PMD

"It's The Ones"
(Willie Hines / Doug Owen / Parrish Smith / Andre "Krazy Drazyz" Weston)
feat. M.O.P.

"It's the one's that smoke blunts with ya
See ya picture, now they wanna grab they guns and come and get ya" - Notorious B.I.G. 'Warning'

[Verse One: PMD]
We coming at ya with the raw raps
The raw facts is the topic
Name is PMD and M.O.P., we came to drop it
Niggas watch ya back
'Cause if you slack they gonna get ya
Gonna wind up on some stretcher
Got some cash I'm gonna bet ya
If you bust your ass to make it
They're gonna wanna take it
Then sit up in your grill and wanna chill and try to fake it
See, niggas be scoping to catch ya open
I ain't joking
They wanna grab they guns and leave you choking
Damn, can't even trust my own people
I guess it is true, money is the root of all evil cause...

[Scratch Hook]

[Verse Two: Lil' Fame]
It's America's Most Wanted
Pack steel but don't flaunt it
America's most haunted
(All foes get injured)
No surrender
Ride by clapping on a Kawasaki Ninja
(Hit the sidewalk!)
With the Russian (Busting!)
You hear bitches screaming, old folks cussing
Another unsolved mystery
21 shot solution

[Billy Danze]
Who's abusing the loyalty of my family?
A perfect way to get a dirt nap
I'm not allowed to smile in your face
And plot the Glock behind ya back 'cause I ain't like that
If I don't like
(Motherfucker I don't like you!)
You won't be confused on what a nigga might do
Premeditation homiCIDE when I RIDE
These young soldiers moving like cobras
I told ya


[Verse Three: PMD]
Weed out the jealous niggas lurking in your center
Who be scheming on your shelter pat 'em down before they enter
The premises 'cause jealousy's a motherfucker
The one you're puffing with might be the one that wanna buck ya
But fuck ya, your fame throw them thangs to his brain

[Lil Fame]
(Clack clack!)
Bucka boow
Try to go against the grain
And I'ma
Face you
Then lace you
(Hit 'em off)
Get 'em off and let the good Lord replace you

[Billy Danze]
It's the Firing Squad and the (Hit Squad!) connection
When flexing get your protection