"What Cha Gonna Do" lyrics - PMD

"What Cha Gonna Do"
(Willie Hines / Parrish Smith / Andre "Krazy Drazyz" Weston)
feat. Das EFX

No quills, baby!

*Street knowledge pays me!*

Solid Scheme on the track, never ever coming wack!


Whatcha gonna do? It's all up to you
Be your own man or run behind your crew
So whatcha gonna do? Crack another brew
Wild with my crew, chop that ass like Ginsu

See some of us are rich, some of us are poor
Some are getting less and, yo, some are getting more
Do your thing, son, 'cause I'ma do mine
PMD and Das EFX representing everytime

[Verse 1: Dray]
I used to hope like Bob to get a job right after college
But nothing could compare and compete with street knowledge
'Get the money!' and make sure that you share it like Sonny
'Cause being broke ain't a joke, we don't think it's funny
Ready for action, the main attraction so biggedy back up
Don't act up, it's diggedy Das, we here to pull the slack up
Niggas, stack up the cash and make it last for a while
And never smile, perfect your style, son, 'cause all is wild so


[Verse 2: PMD]
They got me all up in the mix just like some milk and Kahlua
I bring it to ya, it's PMD, I'm rocking with the Sewer
We keep it raw so, baby pa, what is you telling me?
Don't bother gelling me, 'cause nowadays you best to be
Smarter than the smartest, be the hardest that you can
Understand you need a plan and always be your own man
So take a stand or take a seat back in the rear
Listen here: Before you disappear, you best to get your shares!


[Verse 3: Books]
My little cousin down south, he got a mouth that won't quit, no shit
'Fuck around, you get your wig split'
That's his motto, stay in the Prado getting zooted
Don't confuse it, tote a gun and ain't scared to use it
Shoot a bullet like an arrow with his narrow little ass
Play the low, peep your stash then rob you for your cash
Cutting class trying to do it, tried to tell him I've been through it all
He thought he knew it all but now he up in juvie hall