"Never Watered Down" lyrics - PMD

"Never Watered Down"
(Angel Aguilar / Yusef Muhammad / Parrish Smith)
feat. Nocturnal

[Das EFX & Nocturnal] [2x]
It's coming live from the underground, squad never watered down
Keep it real, Timberlands and ice grills
Never jiggy, we hold it down, no diggy
This is how the docks represent, we get busy

The Noc cocks it, shooting missiles out of cockpits
Dangerous like wet fingers fucking with electric sockets
When I rock shit similar to pipebombs, tight rhymes
Shine like full moons in nighttime
In disguise, fools get ate like bean pies
From hungry FOI's in suits and ties
You'd be surprised

The Microphone Doctor, the microphone rocker
Knock knock, they get to fuck wit
Nigga, and suck dick, the musket
Peep so we can flip it, manipul'
That nigga fronting, Noc, clip him
My name is Parish but you can call me MD
Rugged MC, you lose your life fucking with me


The Noc rips it, turning mics into biscuits
I get open like condoms before I dips it
Ballistic impact, stalking the night like hungry cats in the jungle, Prepared to rumble
By any means, camouflage teams to rob the scheme
Twisted green, half my crew broke
We're in, police at the scene

To each his own, rolling like the Stones
Lyrics and microphones, Benz with the chrome
Hydro to the dome, oh shit, I'm in the zone
Spirits and tombstones bring forth my street poems
So all you steelpackers, keep it real, rapping niggas slacking
Best to chill before something real happen


[Verse 3: Nocturnal]
The Nocturnal, here to greet ya
Diving deeper than submarines
My ave is laced with my team
Different huddles, higher than fucking space shuttles
My star triumph like Arnold, I'll be back!
With a loaded dutch, for the puff, no dust
Trying to get this cheese like Pizza Huts, in the crust
Stuffing chrome, 'cause everyday I'm in the zone
My shadow is known to rock a cypher off the dome
Break of day, I like the way the full moon display the night
My soldiers owning stars and stripes
Of war, a team doubts they hardcore
We shatter the sword to explore, to keep it raw
From the ep, I charged up my silhouette
Now you's on, with microphones and black TECs
And Timb's and Goretex, wetting reps and washing reps
Like biceps hit the set

[Hook repeat till fade]