"Heartbeat From Heaven" lyrics - PRETTY MAIDS

"Heartbeat From Heaven"

Been knocking at your door babe
I wonder where you've been
Now what're you trying to cover girl
Why didn't you let me in
You're driven by desire
You see I read between the lines
So why do you feed thefire baby
When things could work out fine

Well I just wanna touch you baby
Feel your heat inside
Don't you turn your back on me
I need your love right here tonight

I'm a heartbeat from Heaven
On a hide-out from Hell
I get high on your reply
Baby say you will
Tonight and forever
Stay by my side
Well I just wanna take you girl
On a never-ending ride

And each and every day girl
I'm down that widing road
It's like this desperate heart of mine'll
Switch to overload
You're animal emotion
I'm watching all your moves
You leave me in a cold sweat babe
Now what're you trying to prove

And everytime I call you
There's no answer to the phone
I'll be there to hold you girl
If you find your way back home


When I see that growing fire in your eyes
No matter what you do or say
It' killing me inside