"Rules Of Engagement" lyrics - PUBLIC ENEMY

"Rules Of Engagement"

Take it back to the days when we raised us up
'Fore coward-ass rap made the game corrupt
P-Dog in the cut back to bring the pain
Puttin' wood on they ass can't stand the rain
And bring heat over beats, and scratch the itch
In a no spin-zone fuck a scanadalous bitch
It's the return of the Bush Killa back to bust
Just us for the justice, In God We Trust
I rush truth to the youth - and shine the light
Take the red pill, open up ya eyes to life
In this land of these crack fiends sheep and moles
See us overthrow the hold of this devil control
And roll deep - (keep it underground for the streets)
I'm the last cell - (hit em outta bounds, retreat)
We like ants in this war dance, if one falls

Ten more's in his place to advance the cause, it's all
...mmhham...people had a song...gun...sent to arm...
And religion...do it blind...

This includes dramatic reenactments of scenes
Which depict real events. Material which is intended for

Welcome to the show!

Today more drugs are coming into America than ever before...
We have the best intelligence. We can stop anything we want to stop...
You may still know little about...
CIA's involvement with drug lords...
This was a multibillion dollar business
...Even more menacing...
The CIA...Gone into the drug trade and...
They're trying to take over the government
In the war...on drugs...
Which side is the CIA on?

We need a change!
We need a change!
We need a change!
Huahh! [in background]...There is more than a difference

We need your back
What you missing Hip-hop
Hard, cruel
Pay attention real ones
We just begun

Come on!
Come on!
Just a technique
Part of the rebel militia
Wrapping up brandish
You don't need us to paint
You a picture
Fuck who you asking
I'll tell you what it is
Motherfucker it's the way we live
Party crashing
A door with a broke lock...
Making a toast to the kegs
Rupert Murdoch

I got a hit on the Cyclops
He swiping giving a security
Fuck around
I'm a store master
That they pay me
What they did to John Africa's trail
They smoke a lot of shit, shit
Waving the badge and put it down
Go the Fuck home rather than play it out

Empty shows...
Get down...
In chemistry
My first year in combat, next year

Missin' you keys
Missin' you keys
Missin you keys