"Astro Black" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"Astro Black"

Astro Black

This is the Original
Yo it's Astro Black, coming through your town
Quasimoto back again, fuckin skins so we can go some rounds
I'm making schemes from here to New Hampshire
Yo bitch I've been doing this since before I was 8 (are you sure?)
Ain't no amateur (word?)
I got the pussy locked on deck it says don't tamper
(Huh) so throw your drawers in the hamper
So I can get in the pants like pamper
(Why's that) Lord Quas always got skins on deck
(Skins on Deck) Skins on check
(Can I hit that?) Yo you gonna let my partner hit?
(I guess?) Corvette, ha word (yo this smells like ass)
Smell like ass 24/7
'Cuz I be hitting more skins than a reverend on a seat tip after 11
If you don't believe you can ask Madlib when we're all ready to hit
Girls thighs or the way they calves they raise

[Hook 4x]
Just call on Astro Black whenever and I'll come bless the cat
(I'm layin I'm Slayin I'm constantly lovin'n'bonin them)

I got the dibs 'cause I claim Astro Black
Strictly hip in cats because I move it like that
Never wearing case [?] save a hoe cuz we layin low
We was drinking with these labour hoes that gave us blows from head to toe
But that's the daily rule, with the dungeon livin
Skins giving it up, divvy'n it up so we can be like "hittin"
I got fourteen skins for Lord Quas written on they kitten
(Yeah right)
Thirty more and not even one knows I'm hitting the other kitten
But if they do it don't matter
They just livin to seem like they got my dick on they bladder
'Cuz they know they badder
I ride all of them like a globe trotter
Make them slow they roll by testing to see which one is louder
Shut up, it's Quas

[Hook 4x]
Just call on Astro Black whenever and I'll come bless the cat
(I'm layin, Im Slayin I'm constantly lovin'n'bonin them)

This goes out to all my skin hitters