"Discipline 99 Pt.0" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"Discipline 99 Pt.0"
feat. Mr. Herb

Quasimoto discipline 99...
I'll take you out like a mason cut ya head off like jason
Like you're free-basing, talking about that ghost you chasing

(Have you seen the skinny little boy that chases the white ghost at night? Have you seen the little boy? Face puffed up, tracks in his arm, and his mind blown. His mama's somewhere drinking and talking about survival. Pop's in jail or downtown at the Y...the little boy chases white ghost with his friends and they get HIGH..)

We're the birth of a new breed, we got you open
Trying to figure what we choking
You just a token
Trying to do what we do, we livin like "what"
Some niggas can't even keep they mouth off our nuts
You got guts if you challenging this
Leave you with your wrists slit cuz you ain't damaging this

Quasimoto crew
We make you want to press rewind
Hit you with the discipline 99

[Mr Herb]
I hear brothas wanna battle Mr. Herbie, where they at?
Rollin up in they Cadillac, rollin' up a sack
Brothas perpetrating hard finding it hard to rap
I come with that hard to rap that freezes their cardiac
Imagine that
Looking for lot is what they haven't had
Ask him was a lot in that
Does he have his lamp on that wack habitat
I'll change
Burn em, they rappin' pad
Kicking them more fresh rhymes than brothas kick hacky-sacks

(Have you seen two little boys run past here? With a lady's purse? They stole the black woman's purse the other day, yesterday, today, tomorrow
Face puffed up, tracks on their arms, eyes popping out of their skulls, and their minds blown
And they get HIGH
They get HIGH
Talking tripping, talking about flying talking about getting high
Getting high...)