"Put A Curse On You" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"Put A Curse On You"

I do you like a witch doctor
Triple hex put on your soul
Ain't no one gonna stop the
Torture I put you through putting pins through your voodoo doll
Lace you with some fire
Rip off ya legs till ya have to crawl
Fuckin' with the Lost Gates
I have ya burning in some hot water
Put that shit to 250 let it burn up hotter
Why oh why oh why, did you have to slip
Fallin' in my dungeon while I was trying to fly
(Put a curse on you)
I make your whole life backwards 'cause I'm the illa fiend
Ready to put ya head in the guillotine
Drilling clean
All the way to the bone flesh up in 'em

(Cause all that all that mean done squeezed in 'em)
(Goes to heaven you go)
(Rum and coke and cocaine)
(And a jive pusher, comes cutting your stuff with talcum too)

[Verse 2: Madlib]
Made the block gobble up ya future too
And ya hit come up in the jones on you
You go from one bag a day to two, three, four, all because
(Put a curse on you)
Now you can't see no beauty in your women folk too
Plus you take da arm, put them on the line too
Pimp get the behind
Teacher get the mind

(Put a curse on you)
(May all your children end up junkies to)
(Your mind been tricked by the power to buy that ounce)
(Your young daughters, give rich old dudes head in limousines too)
(Put a curse on you)
(Put a curse on you)