"Brothers Can't See Me" lyrics - QUASIMOTO

"Brothers Can't See Me"

[Intro: Madlib]
Brothers can't see me
Brother Madlib invasion
Check it out
Brothers can't see me

(Yo, Quasimoto taking over these airwaves
Flip the bow, never hitting with fair play)
My style hit you all in your auditory
Now adays when I buy a tape, yo that shit be boring me
I be paying good money, to hear some whack shit
Take it back to the warehouse and tracked it
We be moving on you, we up on the nightly
Stepping over this way, you just might find fate
We on it like a witch hunt, I recommend Astro black
When you're talk about trying stitch stunts
Told to motivate the Digga of the crates
Invest ya loot, Digga be heard, every state molested
(Why you trying to cross over black?)
I be getting high, keeping it fat

Brothers can't see me
Check it out

Madlib the bad kid, I'm the one that'll hit you with the total bliss
Whether extra crisp, or mad dirty poppin' hiss
My shit sound better than yours, I got the force
Why you going off course like you're given them drawers
Yo its the beat conductor, ya I went on tour
The only thing different is that you see a lot more
Niggas frontin', bitches stuntin'
(So Lord Quas keep it onto something, even if it's nothing)
(Yo why's that) Cuz most ya'll niggas is about bluffin'
While we just trying to keep it on A-Stac[?]
Because the static what ya huffin'
Word to ASAP, ya'll need to bring it back
'Cause in '97 a lot of niggas lack

[Album out June 18th, 2013]