[Verse 1: Madlib]
Ayo, people always asking (Ayo, where Madlib at?)
'Cause I won't be up at them parties where they be at
(Hey Madlib-I ain't see you and yo' boys, whatcha been doing?)
Be chilling, trying to make money, stay out this ruin
Keep my music tight, so y'all don't hear no booing
Oh, whatcha you been doing? (Drinkin' 40s with my crew and-)
I be hearing people talkin' behind my back, but that's a normal reaction
When a nigga doing a [?]
Then the next person doing (Aw)
But I'm still relaxin'
[?] Jackson, I be maxin'
Lootpack '99 main attraction
Hitting it like two hundred degrees, we went overseas
From Tennessee (on a plane) ten to three
We hit a bar on the way to N.Y.C., with no delay

[Interlude: Samples]

Niggas out here acting like everything is lovely
Smiling in my face scheming, wishing they was all above me
Small cats react off movies they peep
Take it out to the streets until they six feet deep
I'm mapping out my plan to hit the next trip
Rock a show, clock the dough and make niggas head dip
I'm on the next thick chick, I stick with, I hit spliffs before we lift
For instance
Hit the ground, now we up in New York, JFK airport
All my niggas in O.X. hold down the fort
Me, Peanut Butter, Wildchild, DJ Romes
Only here to take out whack clones like [?]
Whack massacre [?] (How many? About eighty percent)
Can't fuck with my crew
But anyway, we always come original any day (any day)
From LAX to JFK

[Outro: Samples]