"Youngblood" lyrics - QUASIMOTO


Man, I was sitting back reminiscing the other day when I was smoking my shit
I was thinking about how it was to be a kid
Man, we had no problems
Remember back in the days when we was kids?
Everything was much simpler, man - easier, no worries
Now as we grow up... many problems, more worries, more worries, in a hurry

When we was young we used to chase dogs and cats
Now the only thing I seem to chase is rats
The ones that wanna use me for my fat stacks
Trying to fix me up without a jim hat
So you can get child support - yo, it's a dirty act
So I gotta turn up on the dirty mack (keep it on the low)
(That's what everybody says)
Is everybody like this? - Okay

Ya, I remember back in the days
I was never into girls, I was just into my music
Now look

When I was young I used to chase rabbits
Now the only thing I seem to chase is bad habits
I gotta get a watch 'cause I'm never on time
Like when I bought that whole case of Corona's and forgot lime (damn)
Roll up the weed and forget the lighter (anybody got matches?)
Damn, I gotta get my shit tighter
Late for this, late for that
Wrong format, wrong sucker standing on my doormat

Yeah man
Can't seem to get away nowadays
I remember when I was a kid
Aw shit, I'm still a kid (ha)