"Maybe" lyrics - RICHARD MARX


In the haze of confusion, there's a distant light
That I can't reach, but I know is there
There's a sweet redemption I could claim as mine
If my heart would only dare

It's not easy being lonely
To watch the moments slip away

But maybe time will grace me with the sound
Of two hearts that learn to put their weapons down
Maybe someday I'll set myself free
Maybe you will wait for me

Can we celebrate the beauty
Of this blissful thing we've got
One thing that seems to keep us together
Is the cold fact that we're not

And if one dream could come true
I'll have saved the best of me for you

And maybe we're not too lost to be found
And there's such a thing as a second time around
Maybe someday I'll find myself free
Maybe you will wait for me

So feel my love for you come raining down
You're my heaven here on solid ground
One day soon we'll finally be set free
Baby, will you wait for me