"My Love, My Enemy" lyrics - RICHARD MARX

"My Love, My Enemy"
(Richard Marx / Matt Scannell)

So this is where I show my secrets to you
They're kinda dark but you don't mind that do you
I used to hide 'em somewhere out of sight
Until the moment was just right, just right

Over there are all the broken hearts buried
Underneath all the hope they carried
Covered my tracks and slept peacefully
Exactly like you're gonna do to me

Hit me where it hurts
Make it make it worse, I'm ready
Underneath the skin, slip the dagger in steady
Tell a little truth in the lie
Till the pain is a remedy
My love, my, my enemy

Well, I guess I always sorta had this coming
Caught in the past I thought I was outrunning
Blood on my hands I could never clean
Sooner or later there's a reckoning, reckoning


Love, my love, my enemy
Love, my love, my enemy
Love, my love, my enemy, enemy