"Misery Loves Company" lyrics - RICHARD MARX

"Misery Loves Company"
(Lucas Marx / Richard Marx / Bruce Wiegner)

Bar lights
Four shots in, you can leave the bottle
Why should I
Think twice
Ain't no place I gotta be tomorrow

Hey, tell me what's your name
You can tell me anything
We can have a clean slate in the morning
We can talk the night away
And forget the words we say
Drink until they're gone

Come on and listen to the band
Cancel all of your plans
Let me buy you another round
I want the voices in my head to be quiet instead
Let your laughter drown 'em out
My recent past really kicked my ass
Did quite a number on me
My misery would love your company

Slow burn
Your turn
Who coulda left you broken hearted
Oh yeah
Been there
You don't even wanna get me started

Yeah I've been living proof
That a heart can break in two
Upside down in a single moment
Now all I wanna do
Is forget it all with you
Drink until it's gone