"Mainline Prosperity Blues" lyrics - RICHARD & MIMI FARINA

"Mainline Prosperity Blues"

Good morning, teaspoon
Teaspoon, give me back my brain
Hello, reflection
You don't look the same
Good morning, sweet companion
Pardon me if I've forgotten your name

Well, I know the sun is shining
I believe it 'cause the shades are down
And I know the night-time's over
Honey, nothing else could make that sound
And I know you won't be moving
Pardon me if I just hang around

Well, society is rolling
Got to drive above a certain speed
Population's exploding
Gonna get you in a wild stampede
Well, companion, you'll forgive me
If I seem unwilling to succeed

Now efficiency's the byword
Everybody get to work on time
There ain't no unemployment
I believe I'm going to lose my mind
I'm listed on the census
But I think I'm going to just resign

Well, I'm only just a pillow, honey
And I belong in bed
I need a little soothing
Something soothing, kind of mellow for my head
They say I could be productive
But I think I'll just recline right here instead