SEBASTIAN BACH lyrics - Had Enough

"Had Enough"

Got no more feelin'
I'm done with dreamin
Given you all that I have
Taken for granted
I'll take no chances
Doin' the best that I can

When you see her
Call my name
Don't you tell her
This love's in vain

And if you've had enough
I'll stand here waiting
No hesitatin'
And if you're out of love
I'll be stayin'
I'll still be waitin'

You're out of patience, I'm out of pride
How did it come to this?
I got no excuses, I got nowhere to hide
I'd live & I'd die for your kiss

When you see her, remember this:
Never tell her
She wasn't meant for this

Never be no more yesterdays
I can't be there for yesterday

I'll be waiting for you