SEBASTIAN BACH lyrics - Hell Inside My Head

"Hell Inside My Head"

Inside my head
I'm on the run
Into the neon darkness
I'm on the run
Inside my head
Runnin' from love & madness

Destiny has put me to the test
Like kerosene, I'll set fire to the blackness

I'm on my way
Until you're bleedin'
Naked, screamin'
Another day
I'm realizin'
This is my time of rising

Why? Why me, not him?
I can't get out
I am a slave to your system
Life. I'm outta life
Wasting my time
Taking back all I've given

Can't you she is hard to posess?
Hard to please, she's a disappearing mistress

Call on me
When you need a heart to break
Don't make me
Tell you why I can't escape
Love is just a dream

I'm on my way
Finding freedom
Has left me bleedin'
Another day
Until it's over
I feel it getting closer