SEBASTIAN BACH lyrics - Push Away

"Push Away"

I want to keep you
Shut the door, throw away the key
For you belong to me
You wanna run, you want to hide
You try to leave
There is no hope
You'll see

I can't control myself
I push away
And I'm left beside myself, your love so far away
When I need you close, you're gone again

I stalk your every move
So beautiful to me
& my twisted fantasies
I shut my eyes, you're all I see, you're in my dreams
And I won't let anyone take you away from me

When I cling too tight, hold on
When I hold too tight, don't let go
'Cause when I push you away is when I need you the most
I need you the most

I lost myself in your eyes
Full of grace
And I'll build a temple to your soul
And I'll obey
And I'll worship on the ground you lay
I can't control myself
I push away