"Antagonism" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY


Flesh creatures stretch through the hoop again
No faults nothing ever gained
Felt in out turn this cover of
What was believed now turned inside out
Drastic hand frantic air
Clawing outward itching near
A reason enough
Throw it back down in its place
Pain inward open space
A chasm that eats itself
Rotting food left on the shelf
Alive yet unaware
Asking "do you really care?"
Horrific regard with care
Witness hides the lies within
Melted features care to the light remains
The doubts come rushing back again
??? glass hurt like lash agitate
The power unleashed
Vagrant???ating fits
Grasping for embrace
??? (lose or lace?) (this is not news or place?)
Alive yet unaware
Asking do you really care
Gazing crystal set truth it be known
Truth burning bright inside
As the lamp grows cold
A fixture on the wall
It's regarded
Now figure locked in flames
Dripping core open film
Nervous outward itching in
Fleeting the image cracks
Ripping past the brain
Loud never to remain
Throw back in the face
Dripping (painted on the seal?)
Raging human cells
It's time when calls themselves
Alive yet unaware
Asking do you really care
Listen as the hours pass
Reaching in
Nothing's quite the same
(Split bone serves?) ill conserved sickle blade
Retracing the steps so easily mislaid
Knife in my hand
Certain you make demands
Discourse and time
Losing touch in my mind
Alive yet unaware
Asking do you really care

Witness hides lies within