"God's Gift (Maggot)" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

"God's Gift (Maggot)"

What is good? - All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man)

To a life, less gleaming
Forgotten is the morning dawn
Learn to read with no degree
Bloody lies and black sun (I'll tell you why)
In the eyes of God
The sky's the limit
Proceeding in this darkest way
Glowing back at the end - your halo
You're bloody righteous

Became a life broken, forever in judgment
All this righteousness

Absurd Man be afraid
Falling back inane
Over mature
The chair backward falling down
Knives in eyes
Made us feel brave
Falling another way

Really brave puts on a grin
On the floor in a pool of blood
On lifeless grin
Back to the bedroom
With a grin

When master knocks down phantoms
Living out miseries
It's hard to fathom what depth man will go
It's hard to fathom, hard - talking my god
God gave maggots
God gave maggots
God gave maggots
God gave maggots

Eye sockets feed the faith, no less then back again
Open wound in as much over-silence backwash
God gave maggots
God gave maggots
God gave maggots

In a silent way, back to where they came

Description of a way
Temple's visit
Ghostly remain
No more room to blame
Now they're winning
A conservation of life
Prize work
Prize work (Prize Work)
Is the un-doing
Remains to show the failure of all (What is happiness? - The feeling that power increases - that a resistance is overcome. Not contentment, but more power)

Solace (...not peace)
Coyness (...but war) is the easy road
Describe magic

(Virtue in the Renaissance style, virth, virtue free of moralic acid. The weak and ill-constituted shall perish: the first principle of our philanthropy)

Oh Sean, your life became mush
God gift maggots

God gift maggot
God gift maggot
My friend maggot
Life filled maggot