"One Time One Place" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

"One Time One Place"

In the rain collapse calls out which way we'll go
Harness ever last
What a way to test the past truth and times so shallow
Develop an attitude
More time decay lifes in fortify the self cut off
Inbred and forever more
What a way to end the game
Third world visionary
Man will pretend
Faith bleeding eyes
Conjure the pain
Distant so distant
Make it go away
Cold war??? Self destruction
An orgy of missle tests
Mortifying flash huddled round the radio active console to control
Lives far beyond levels of toxic waste
Disgrace intolerant of all that's been done
Built up for a future race a race thats never won
Falling from the fire
Meet the makers face
Distant book in time
Forever who (displace?)
??? Views shortens with mans progression
Decifer whats relative
{il}legal bureaucrat motions with a tender finger
Whos poverties and who will be next
Man overcame further action left at that
Two gaping holes
A dripping carnivore
Natures regret law of things so brutalized
An enemy that need not
What a way to end the game
Third world
Make peace
Repress away, repress away, repress
Thats all there is
In the gleam halo of jaded weakness
Corruption runs harmonious
(Taken?Dig in?) By extremes doorway extinction resist
Repression is based on love
For a length of time full of elemental powers
Inbred and not brilliant
No fortune could buy this