"Circustance" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY


(Whispering:...?Never trusted?...)
(Black time?)
I looked upon the circus in the sky
(...steaming?) colorized ceiling paranoia
Make it go away
Make it go away
They're for use
Until tirade is used
Four ring
Four crap-hole
Listen to the circus
Listen now
Make it go away
Violent (teases/Jesus?) wet in mouth
Repromoting ecstasy escape
No self respected
Lies desperate
Lies pattern
Lies inside
Lies pattern
Lies inside
Lies pattern
Lies inside
(So let's spew?)
Set it in
Let 'em know how it feels
In gaping hole holding
Head explode
Cream drip bucket
Washes dirt
Washing lies
Blaming cunt
Who won't realize
Tackle this reaper
Breeze rocking
Burning paper
Pattern word
Pattern lies